Here at Animal Au Pair of Fort Mill, we offer a variety of different services to ensure you can always find just what you and your pet need. We’re not limited to just these services – if there is a little something extra you want for your pet, just let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate it!

Pet Sitting

When you’re away on vacation or working late at the office, Fort Mill pet sitting is a great option to get your pet some exercise, love and extra attention while you’re away.

These visits are approximately 35 – 40 minutes to let your dog out for potty breaks, spend some extra purr-time with your cat, clean cages for small animals or just some time to cuddle and play. Everyone gets lonely and pets are no exception. It’s not just your pets that are cared for – we make your house looked lived in for security by rotating lights, bringing it mail, watering plants and taking out the garbage. It will be like you never left!

Allow us to be your perfect pet sitters in Fort Mill and request reservations today!

Dogs: $17/visit*
Cats: $15/visit*
Small Pets: $14/visit*

After the first visit of each day, the cost per visit will be discounted $2.00.
*These prices include up to 3 dogs and 3 cats. Each additional pet will be $3/pet.

Overnight Visits

Is your pup used to sharing your pillow at night and hogging the bed? Or maybe your cat can only sleep if half of her body is on your face? We know some pets are just not able to sleep alone. Or them being alone throughout the night is something we can’t bear to think of when we’re away.

Our Overnight Visits are perfect for pets with separation anxiety, brand new puppies or kittens to the family who aren’t ready to be alone, special needs pets or you just want someone there to cuddle your furry kid at night. Although times cannot be guaranteed, we will arrive within an hour of your pet’s regular feeding time to take care of dinner, rotate lights, take out the garbage, bring in mail, water plants and even clip nails if your pet allows.

Give us the opportunity to be your pet’s snuggle buddy and request reservations today!

Overnight Visits are $80/night.

Holidays incur an additional $20 per night.

Vendor Sitting

Ever notice that the cable company or delivery service always schedules times when you’re not available? Animal Au Pair is your savior! We offer this service to be available for those times when you can’t to welcome the new refrigerator, let in the plumber or whoever else may need access to your home while you’re at work or away.

Allow us to relieve that stress for you by requesting reservations today!

Vendor Sitting is $20/hr with a 1 hour minimum.

Pet Grooming

Notice your pup smelling a bit ripe lately? Or maybe your cat’s coat doesn’t have the same sheen anymore? Trying to find the time in your busy schedule to bathe your pets may be impossible. That’s why Animal Au Pair of Fort Mill offers baths for your pet and your convenience!

We will perform a basic bath with ear cleaning, nail clipping and a quick brushing, if desired. It is to be kept in mind that we are not professional groomers and will only perform baths. No hair clipping will be done.

Just supply the bathtub and we will do the rest!

Up to 10lbs: $10.00
Up to 25lbs: $15.00
Up to and over 50lbs: $20.00

Grooming will only be done in combination with regular Pet Sitting or Overnight visits.

Hotel Room Pet Care

Maybe you are visiting the Fort Mill area visiting relatives and brought along your furry kids for a vacation. But now there are dinner plans and you don’t know what to do with your pets. Animal Au Pair is your Fort Mill pet sitter even if you’re not here to stay!

We offer Hotel Room Pet Care to sit with your pet, go on a walk for a bit of exercise and potty breaks or just to provide some company in a new environment. We are here to ensure you, and your pet, enjoy Fort Mill for as long as you’re here – stress and worry free!

Let us be your pet’s personal concierge while they’re away from home and request reservations today!

Dogs: $17/visit*
Cats: $15/visit*
Small Pets: $14/visit*

After the first visit of each day, the cost per visit will be discounted $2.00.
*These prices include up to 3 dogs and 3 cats. Each additional pet will be $3/pet.

Light House Cleaning

Packing and getting ready for a trip is hectic enough without worrying about cleaning before you leave. Animal Au Pair of Fort Mill offers Light House Cleaning so that when you arrive home, all you have to do is relax!

We will vacuum, dust, wash dishes and do some general tidying up to alleviate that extra bit of work.

Light House Cleaning is $15.00 in combination with regular Pet Sitting or Overnight Visits.

Key Return

Animal Au Pair understands the importance of your house keys and takes great pride in securing the privacy of you and your pet. While your keys are in our care, they are securely coded and locked for future use. We recommend holding on to your keys for future use as it is less hassle for everyone involved. However, we understand that some may want their key returned after visits have ceased.

We can return your keys to you by certified mail or deliver them in person for $5.00.

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