Russian blue cat
The Russian blue cat was bred in Russia, but the modern version of the breed exists mainly due to the efforts of British breeders. Blue-eyed blue-eyed cats exported from Russia…

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Selkirk Rex
Selkirk Rex cats are relatively young breed, recognition of which took place in 1992. To create this breed, several cat breeds were used, including American smooth-haired cats and Persians. If…

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Canadian Sphynx
The fact that bald cats Sphynx appeared for a long time, confirm the ancient facts. Perhaps even the Aztecs were engaged in their breeding. At the beginning of the twentieth…

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How to wean a cat from bad habits

Cats are extremely intelligent, highly intelligent animals. But sometimes the behavior of the cat does not suit the owner, they begin to consider the beloved as a stubborn, vindictive beast, and her actions as bad habits. However, before proceeding with the re-pet, you should understand two things:

– most of the “bad habits” – the natural behavior of the cat (for example, climbing on the table);
– the rest of the “bad habits” appeared as a result of gross mistakes in the upbringing and maintenance of the pet (the owner does not change the filler for three days, and then puzzles over the task – how to disaccustom the cat to write anywhere?).
Those. it is either about the manifestation of instincts, or about the mistakes of the owner. Therefore, there is no reason to get annoyed at the cat. Physical punishment, screaming, ignoring the cat is a waste of time and effort that will only aggravate the situation. The cat does not perceive the prohibitions, it is not a pack animal, it can not have a leader. The owner should start with self-education, find out the cause of unwanted behavior and eliminate the problem with affection and love.

How to wean the cat to foul in the wrong place?
In cats, the instinct of cleanliness is strongly developed. When the cat suddenly stopped “doing business” in its tray, it tries to bring something to the owner. In order to understand how to wean a cat to shit anywhere, you need to find out the cause of abnormal behavior.

Often, the sudden appearance of uncleanliness is a consequence of a developing disease (as a rule, the urinary system). The cat, defecating in the tray, experiences pain and connects it with the place (ie with the tray). The cat changes place, hoping in this way to get rid of the pain. Many cats with ICD defiantly write on the sofas, on the clothes of the owner, and sometimes right on the table in front of the bewildered woman’s nose – this is a cry for help, the cat is very bad! The first thing to do when thinking about how to stop a cat from writing on the bed is to visit a veterinary clinic and get tested.

Cats that feel uncomfortable often smudge an apartment with feces, thus showing their dissatisfaction with one or another circumstance. Perhaps the owner gives the pet too little attention. Or one of the family members rudely treats a proud predator. Maybe the cat doesn’t like a new pet or is worried about frequent intra-family quarrels (cats feel the atmosphere in the house delicately). In this case, the problem of how to wean the cat to shit on the bed or in the corners is solved quite simply – you need to eliminate the cause of dissatisfaction (if possible) and spend more time communicating with the frustrated pet.

Another possible reason is a change in the location of the tray, a change in the filler, a “sharp” air freshener, an insufficiently clean tray. In this situation, everything is obvious – return the old filler or replace it with a similar one to which the cat has become accustomed. Put the tray in place or as close as possible to it. Use another air freshener (better odor neutralizer without aromatic additives). Well, the purity of the tray must be monitored constantly.

If before “doing business”, the cat carefully hides, searches for secluded places, buy a tray with a roof (a house that looks like a carrier). Perhaps the cat is simply afraid to leave the stool in a prominent place (self-preservation instinct).

Tip: to scare the cat from the places where she needs it, treat the surface with a disinfectant, and then carefully sprinkle with water with vinegar or lemon juice, grapefruit, onion. Praise the cat every time she went to the toilet on the tray.

How to wean a cat to mark furniture and corners?
In nature, cats (and sometimes cats) regularly mark territory. This way of “communication” between cats is a natural instinct, which is almost impossible to fight. A cat marking its possessions declares to others: “this is mine!”. If you punish the animal for the tags, the cat feels that he is losing the dominant position, and begins to mark furniture and corners even more desperately.

In addition to the tags, another headache is added – how to wean the cat to scream round the clock? Cats scream, inviting the male, two or four times a year. Cats can shout constantly, but are most active in the spring and at a time when the female is nearby, ready to mate. The only solution is castration or sterilization. All sorts of drugs that artificially reduce the level of hormones in the blood are ineffective, and regular use of such agents adversely affects the health of the pet.

How to wean a cat to spoil flowers?
Cats living in their natural environment, bury their excrements in the ground. Therefore, the habit of using a flower pot instead of a tray is just a manifestation of instinct. To switch attention to the tray, use an absorbent mineral filler. If possible, flower pots should be temporarily removed from the window sills (hang on the walls or set so high that the cat cannot reach them).

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