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Chausi (home reed cat)
Chausi (hauzi) - one of the largest cat breeds. Its name comes from the Latin name of the jungle cat - Felis chaus nilotika, who lived in South Asia and…

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Pixie bob
In English, pixie-bob means “short-tailed elf” (pixie is an elf, and bob is interpreted as a “short tail,” in the name of a forest cat from a legend). The first…

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How to choose a gift for a cat

Almost every cat owner at least once, but gave her some birthday present, New Year, World Cat Day or Animal Protection Day. Perhaps it was new toys, bowls, lounger or just a favorite treat. The fact that the cat appreciated the gift – no doubt, unless, of course, you chose it correctly. After all, it is no secret to anyone – cats are mysterious creatures and each one has an individual character and needs. It is difficult to please these creatures, some of them with pleasure play with fur mice, while others will prefer the usual ping-pong ball, someone sleeps in hammocks, and someone will not exchange their favorite chair for anything.

In order to help navigate the huge assortment of pet stores and choose a gift that will delight you and your pet, we will tell you about the main cat “gadgets” and their purpose.

Products for cats and their owners
What only is not in the shops for animals: mice, fur, clockwork, flavored, teasers, balls, hammocks, houses and even entire entertainment centers for cats. As part of the food and can not speak – food and delicacies with the addition of squid, shrimp and beef tongue or marmalade with the smell of catnip. But let’s not hurry, we will consider everything in order.

So what to give the cat?

House and entertainment center
Cats are very independent and independent animals, and therefore they need a cozy and secluded place to sleep. Better option than a house for a cat, sheathed with a fabric or artificial fur you will not find. In addition, you can purchase a whole cat entertainment center that combines a sunbed and playing space for your pet. The centers, as a rule, are vertical posts covered with a stern rope with platforms, hammocks or houses located at different levels of the structure. By purchasing such a complex, you will help the cat to realize their natural instincts in the limited space of the apartment. The height, size and colors of such a game stand and a house can be selected taking into account the characteristics of the apartment and the number of cats.

When buying houses and entertainment centers, pay attention to the quality of products, the density of rope winding, the quality of upholstery material and filler. The design must be stable, not have protruding screws and brackets from the stapler.

If you are a conspirator with experience, then in your house you probably already have this item, perhaps not even in a single quantity. If you just got a kitten, then this is the first thing you should give to your ward. This is a scraper – an item that will help keep your home wallpaper, carpeting, furniture and front door. The choice of scratching posts is huge and, perhaps, these are the best gifts for cats. When buying, evaluate the strength of the rope, the thoroughness and methods of fastening the scraper, as well as the absence of metal elements that can injure the animal.

Gamach on the battery
Very worthy gift for a cat. These animals spend in their sleep almost 18 hours a day, and most importantly for them, to spend this time comfortably and warmly. All this will provide a special hammock for cats, secured to any heating battery. Strong metal base, reliable mounting system, perfect dimensions and a pleasant finishing material for the cat. Owners of animals will certainly appreciate the ease of care for a hammock – the fabric is easily washable in a washing machine.

Choosing gifts for the cat, look at these wonderful devices, pick up the gamboch of the color you like and you will see how happy your pet will be.

Sunbed on the windowsill
The main favorite places of cats are warm seat, radiators and windows. All cats spend most of their free time on the windowsill. For them, there is nothing more interesting than watching cars, birds and people. Given the urgent need of domestic cats in such a pastime, was invented lounger, attached to the window sill. Now your pet can calmly bask in the sun, “catch” flying birds and flies, and all this on a bed of soft fleece or faux fur. Well, the stylish design of the beds and the original colors – this is what will give pleasure to their owners.

Treats for cats
When choosing a gift can not bypass the taste tastes of cats. Despite the well-known conservatism of felines in food, not a single representative of this family will refuse to feast on food. On the shelves of pet shops you can find a huge number of delicacies: balls with fish and cheese, mice with cottage cheese and taurine, salmon rolls, chewy sausages and many other delicacies. What you choose is up to you, only you know your cat’s preferences, because they are all so different. It is important to pay attention to the composition, the manufacturer and its recommendations for feeding. When buying an edible gift for cats, choose products with vitamin supplements manufactured by well-known manufacturers Gimpet, Edel Cat, Beaphar. Always use delicacies only as additives to your pet’s basic full-fledged diet.

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How to choose a gift for a cat
Almost every cat owner at least once, but gave her some birthday present, New Year, World Cat Day or Animal Protection Day. Perhaps it was new toys, bowls, lounger or…