Japanese bobtail
Long ago, the Japanese believed that the huge, terrible Nekomata cat lives high in the mountains. Its tail is like a snake, and it brings death and unhappiness to people.…

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Neva Masquerade Cat
Felinological organizations registered the Neva Masquerade Cat as a separate breed recently - in the nineties of the twentieth century. Until that time, large fluffy cats with blue eyes and…

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White cat
A pure white cat is magic! So consider not only modern happy owners of such animals - even our ancestors were sure of this. Already in ancient Egypt, white cats…

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Shows of cats, cats and kittens: to be or not to be?

Almost every owner of a pedigree cat thinks at a certain moment: “Shouldn’t we go to the exhibition?”. But the majority rejects this thought, because with it a lot of questions arise: where is the cat show held, can our darling take part, why bother to spend time at this event? Let’s start with the main thing.

Why do clubs organize exhibitions?
The organizers of the exhibition have many goals and objectives:

tribal animal show. Experts who give an assessment of a particular cat do not simply bring joy or disappoint the owner. In this way, decent producers are selected, the breed as a whole is improved, breeders’ mistakes are identified and the right direction is set. The expert acts as a mentor: “This Siberian is not dressed enough, pick up her fiancé with a chic fur coat”;

popularization of the breed. In order for the breed to develop, and the number of producers to grow, more professionals and cat lovers should learn about it. At the exhibition of cats, besides the usual chic Persians and elegant siamachki, you can always see a representative of a rare breed, chat with its owner, listen to reliable information from the lips of the pros;

education of the humane attitude towards animals. Many visitors to exhibitions are ordinary cat lovers, because the entrance to the event is free, it is not necessary to be a participant. Often families come with their children as if they are at a zoo – they look at cats, communicate with the owners. Children crowd around an exhibition of kittens – places where there are open-air cages with litters of variegated baleen shalopai. One of the main goals of the organizers is to teach society to love cats, to treat them carefully and responsibly;

advertising. Where without it, but in this case, even advertising brings a clear benefit to our baleen lovers. At the exhibition you can learn about the latest innovations in the pet industry, buy magazines, new food, toys, all kinds of ammunition and cosmetics from leading manufacturers.
How to find out where the cat show?

All information about the upcoming exhibition (date, start time of the event, place, names of experts) can be obtained from the organizers by phone or e-mail. Exhibition schedules and phone numbers of the organizers can be found at the club or on the Internet at www.wcf.ru (2013, WCF system, official website of the representative office in Russia).

Why breeders visit the exhibition?
A professional breeder is a person who belongs to one or more breeds with fanatical love. The main thing in his work is to achieve the best results, to get the perfect offspring, to grow the absolute champion. The exhibition is one of the tools with which the breeder operates: here you can hear the opinion of a respected expert, choose a partner for mating, learn about the latest achievements of the “competitors”. In addition to obtaining certificates and titles, the breeder advertises his nursery, which is an integral part of his work. Kittens exhibition allows kids to find the best owners.

Participation in the exhibition of cats for non-professionals
The owner of a pedigree cat, not being a breeder and not intending to engage in breeding, goes to the cat show for positive emotions. For him, the exhibition is a way to have a good time, to communicate with like-minded people, to admire the amazing diversity of the feline world. Titles and prizes are not in the first place here.

The owner of the cat, who wants to get offspring from his pet, visits exhibitions to obtain admission to breeding and to communicate with professional breeders who can tell and tell a lot of interesting and useful things about felinology in general and about breeding in particular.

Who can take part in the cat show?
Any cat, with or without documents, can become a contestant and qualify for high marks, prizes and / or titles depending on the class in which she is exposed. If we are talking about breeding producers, the cat, of course, must fully comply with the standard and have a full package of documents.

Outbred Murka are exhibited in the class “Household Pet”. To participate in the exhibition of cats that do not have documents (ie mongrels), the animal must be neutered or spayed. Kittens exhibition (litter class) is a demonstration of a litter consisting of at least three babies aged at least two months. “Neuter class” – for neutered animals that have a pedigree. Total classes 22! It can be difficult for a beginner to figure out which class to write the cat into. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the complete list of exhibition classes on the WCF system on the official website.

At major exhibitions, the organizers organize comic contests with prizes and cups for everyone: “The longest tail”, “The most smiling cat”, “The best fancy dress”, etc. This is an affordable entertainment for the owner of any healthy physically and mentally cats, the purpose of which is to unite cat lovers and professionals.

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